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Lixouri is the largest town on the Paliki peninsular side of Kefalonia, and second largest town on the island behind Argostoli. 


It is also a port town with direct ferries to Argostoli and daily boat excursions in the summer months that sail around the island to explore it's beautiful beaches and eye catching coastlines. Lixouri is home to the famous Xi beach, with her red sands and natural clay cliffs that are said, when applied to the skin to have natural healing and anti-aging properties in it. Lixouri town has many shops, restaurants and hotels and has it's own main square where lots of traditional tavernas can be found dotted around this focal point of the town. Lixouri can be reached by either car which roughly takes 45 minutes from Argostoli or by direct ferry from Argostoli which takes about 20-30 minutes. The Paliki peninsular is home to some wonderful beaches, Vouti, Petani, Xi and Agia Eleni to name a few.


Whether you are staying in Lixouri or not we would definitely recommend a visit to this side of the island.

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