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FatStick Paddle Boards UK

FatStick is a UK company based in Dorset. The owners have some great ties to Kefalonia having not only holidayed there many times in the past but they also supply their quality SUP boards to many people on the island. 


Kefalonia By Us has worked closely with the FatStick team over the years, from helping with general holidaying requests to having their products used by many Kefalonians. 


This is a company that our family greatly admires. Their friendly staff, great products and their conscious love and respect for our planet is obvious. They have joined up with the Eden project and set up an environmental responsibility plan so that for every board that is purchased from them they will plant a tree. 

Paddle Boarding leaves its mark on the environment.

There is no denying that the manufacture of Paddle Boards leaves it mark on the environment. Over the the years with visits to our factories we have worked hard to check factory conditions and work on boards that are partly manufactured from recyclable material. However, this is still a work in progress.


Plant Trees?



On a coffee fueled afternoon meeting in January 2020 we put our heads together and decided that something needed to change. We needed to take the reins and step the Paddle Board industry up a gear in relation to its Carbon Footprint.


We joined forces with the Eden Project (est 2007) and decided to give a little back. To off-set our environmental impact we decided to plant a tree for every board (or Coffee Cup) sold.



The Fatstick Forest . . .


Every time a board is sold we will plant a tree and then our customer will not only become a member of the FatStick Family, they receive an email allowing them to ‘digitally plant’ their tree and start their own forest. This can also be shared on social media which will help raise awareness.


The majority of the trees Fatstick plants are in the North East of Madagascar and we hope to offset many tons of C02 emissions each year. We have also planted trees in Kenya.


Our family has used their SUP boards and this year we purchased our very own to take on our annual family trip to Kefalonia. 

Wow.... the whole family mastered the art of SUP's and spent many beach days out on our board and another one provided by (FISKARDO Kayaks and SUP link) 


The boards are more than simple enough to use (and master). The inflatable boards come with their own easy to use (minimum effort) pump, paddles, and Kayaking seat and spare parts. The boards come neatly packed within their own travel case on wheels so can be easily pulled around when travelling. 



Be a part of the first SUP Family & join hundreds of paddlers from all walks of life.

Since 2012 we have been supplying all sorts of Paddling kit to a broad range of riders. Some just want to relax on a local lake with friends and family, whilst others look for specialised boards for very specific uses such as racing or surfing.


So whether you’re buying a board, cap, cup or merch, it makes you family, and we are lucky to have you!


We have a great community of paddlers and we would be honored if you joined the FatStick Fam! 


Whether you're a seasoned boarder or a complete novice do contact the FatStick team and they will give you every bit of help and advice needed. 


Below is the link to the FatStick website, do check them out for lots more information.

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