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Vouti beach

Vouti beach is quite a new one to us, having only found it in 2016.

This beach is a real gem though, its a quiet beach with a hand full of sun loungers and a small taverna sat right above the beach. With it's white sand and pebble shore and clear blue waters there is no wonder it is a quietly kept secret. We have made a point of visiting a few times on every holiday now as it is just so relaxed and off the beaten track. The road down to the taverna is a bit heart in mouth dare I say but it really is worth it, once you arrive at the small car park you'll find some steps down to the beach so mobility is required. I have fond memories sat in the shade of the taverna overlooking the beach listening to my family play in the sea.

If you are ok with navigating the steps to the beach then we would definitely recommend that you visit Vouti beach, we're sure you won't be disappointed.

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