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Fiskardo (The jewel of the island)

Located 1 hours drive from Argostoli this picturesque village of Fiskardo is the most Northern part of the island.


One of the only places to see many of the pre 1953 earthquake hit buildings and it is just as pretty (and posh) as it is old. Fiskardo is a village enjoyed by many including the rich and famous. It's dazzling stone washed buildings, pretty shops and beautiful harbour with it's gleaming turquoise waters have a real feel good factor about them. Some of the less known but equally breath taking beaches lie at the top of the island, all in very close proximity to Fiskardo. One great way to explore the Norths beautiful coastline and hidden gem beaches is by Kayak


Whether you decide to spend your holiday in Fiskardo, or just visit for the day we're sure you will love it, and plan to return as quick as you can!


(Photos courtesy of Magical Kefalonia)

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