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Sami Acropolis 

Discover ancient ruins of old Sami that date back to the 3rd century BC.


The ancient Sami Acropolis is located in Lapitha Mountain over the port of Sami. This old town can be visited on the road from Sami to Antisamos beach by a sharp right turn on the hill.


Old Sami was one of 4 towns in Kefalonia. It was a powerful, fortified town with it's own coin inhabited from the Paleolithic Times. If you enjoy wandering around, then take your time to explore the ruins, there are walls that date back to the Hellenistic period, remains of a Roman theatre and Roman Baths, see if you can spot the mosaics.


It is so very quiet up here. When we visit the Acropolis of Sami, I always gaze at the majestic Olive trees that surround the ancient site and wonder how old they are, centuries old I guess.


The film Captain Correlli's Mandolin was filmed alot up here and surrounding areas. The church and the ruins in the background are said to have been used for scenes in the movie. For those that enjoy the hike, there is a walking trail at the bottom of the mountain or you can just take the car like we do or get a taxi instead! Either way, take plenty of water with you as it can get very hot up here in Summer, sensible footwear is needed also.


With stunning panoramic views of the bay and right out to sea towards Ithaka. It really is quite something up here.

You can see why the inhabitants built it here as they could see for miles and miles.

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