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The beautiful Myrtos, one of the most photographed beaches in all of Greece.


Personally for us and many others Myrtos is best viewed from above. The white pebbled beach and deep turquoise water are truly fascinating but swimming in this beauty spot can be extremely dangerous due to unpredictable currents and very often rough waves. For anyone wanting to make the trip down to Myrtos then it is accessible by car with ample parking at the bottom. Beach shoes are recommended and if you are taking small children with you then a shallow paddle only is what we would recommend. Caution must be taken here, but Myrtos is beautiful and a peaceful place to unwind and take in the Greek sun and laze the day away.


The beach is now kitted out with sun loungers and in the village above there is a taverna and a supermarket to buy drinks, snacks and things that are needed for a day at the beach.

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