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Loukoumania (Argostoli)

Loukoumania is a fabulous sweet and desert shop located on the sea front in the capital of Argostoli,. Specialising in the classic Greek donuts 'loukoumades' along with many other mouth watering treats. 


A few words from the owners below. 


Loukoumania Kefalonia We welcome you to Loukoumania of Kefalonia, where we prepare the most delicious and crispy loukoumades. Here you will taste this beloved classic greek dessert in its best version! Many exquisite flavors await you in our store, but the greek donuts (loukoumades) are... our strong point! After all, this was our intention when we opened our door! The classic and beloved Greek donuts of our hearts, that wake up many memories from the past, brewed here skillfully and a lot love! Faithfully following grandma's secret recipe, whose secret is in the dough! Here you will find a “loukouma”, which evolves and offered in variant versions! In an individual or family portion, fluffy on the inside, crispy on the outside, flooding the palate with taste and "memories" of tradition.


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