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Fishing Tourism Michalis (Agia Pelagia - Svoronata)


"A day in the life of a real fisherman"


Join Captain Michalis, his wife and their daughter on-board his beloved traditional fishing boats!


The only boats in whole Greece that go exclusively for lobster fishing. 


The day starts with the homemade cake for breakfast from Antonia’s hands!

Heading to the place the captain has cast the nets earlier and there you can be a fisherman yourself and help picking up the nets, taking the lobsters out from the nets or just relax and enjoy Antonia talking about the procedure and the life of a fisherman. 


Afterwards you can swim in a really isolated coves without anyone else there, enjoy the sun or explore the underwater life. 


Riganada a local bruschetta will be served by Antonia with all homegrown organic vegetables, extra virgin olive oil from their olive grove and of course their famous homemade wine from their vineyard!


You will be able to watch Mixalis and Antonia to cook everything in front of your eyes and take all their recipes as a treasure with you. 

Lunch time is here and you will be offered only the best!

Lobster spaghetti with the captains secret recipe, Bouillabaisse (kakavia), all the best goodies that the sea can offer as long with Greek salad and Greek potato salad will travel your taste and thoughts to happiness. 

They can welcome up to 22 guests on their two boats total… 12 in their one boat and 10 people to their second boat.

Private hires for special occasions are available. 


Their famous sunset trips will offer you unforgettable, unique holiday moments. Having the hosts serve you dinner, the fresh lobsters that have been caught that very afternoon under the clear Ionian moonlight!


Fishing is always happening on both trips day or sunset! 

What better way to spend your evening than with friends and family aboard the famous Fishing Tourism of Agia Pelagia. 

This is a fun filled family day at sea from start to finish!!

For more information and for bookings please follow the links below:

If you would love to sail with them click above to make a direct enquiry via their website.

Want to see more socially? Give the button above a click and we'll send you virtually there.

If you would like to chat drop us an email, we'll get back to you as soon as we can.

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