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De Bosset Bridge (Located Argostoli)

De Bosset Bridge is a real engineering achievement and a brilliant place to do a little turtle spotting in the late afternoons.


Connecting Argostoli to the villages on the other side of the water. The bridge is passable by foot only as you cannot drive across to the other side. Built in 1813 by the Swiss engineer Colonel Charles De Bosset this monumental Bridge is a world record holder at nearly 690 meters, it is the longest stone built bridge across water anywhere in the world. 


After a coffee or ice cream in the busy capital the bridge makes for a lovely afternoon stroll to get away from all the hustle and bustle, the views from the bridge are beautiful which ever direction you look in and if you are lucky enough you may catch some of the resident turtles peaceful floating through the water as they hunt for food.


(Photos courtesy of KBU member Carol Roebuck)

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