Discover the sights

Top sightseeing in Kefalonia includes the Sea Lake of Melissani, the Cave of Drogarati with the fantastic stalactites and stalagmites, the Castle of Saint George and the Lighthouse of Argostoli with the impressive architectural style. Kefalonia offers something for everyone.

De Bosset Bridge


De Bosset Bridge is a real engineering achievement and a brilliant place to do some turtle spotting in the afternoon.

Melissani Lake


Melissani Lake is thought to have been once worshipped by the ancient Greeks. It is located around 2 km Northwest of Sami.

Mount Ainos


Sitting 1,628 high Mount Ainos is wonderful picturesque national park that is well worth a visit on your holiday.

Sami Acropolis


The ancient Sami Acropolis is located in Lapitha Mountain over the port of Sami. Take your time to explore the ruins in this peaceful setting.

St Theodores Lighthouse


Just outside of Argostoli and originally built in 1828 by the British man Charles Napier this magnificent lighthouse is a must see.

The Cave of St Gerasimos


This tiny cave is where the patron saint of Kefalonia lived for five years when he first arrived on Kefalonia in 1555.